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Will this be the future for BEAM robotics?
artwork by A.A. van Zoelen

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Who am i?

My name is A.A. van Zoelen but more often i am just called Bram. I am born in 1963 and i live in Rotterdam, Holland. About 15 years ago i build my first photovore. Or atleast i tried. It was a project from a magazine called Electuur. The photovore was as large as a big shoe box. About 20 TTL IC's where needed for the logic, as i recall well. Power consumption was quiet high. This project never got finished as it should be. Later i became more interested in transmitters, receivers, stereo encoders and computers. My first computer was a Commodore VIC 20. It cost me about US$650,- back then. Later i changed to a C64 and C16, an Amiga 500 and Amiga 1200 and now to PC's. My interests are very wide. Almost every subject interests me. This often helped me with solving a problem. As a hobby i have had a Play by Mail company for more then 5 years and i programmed several tools, games and add-ons. This company was called Virtual Simulations. In daytime i worked for 6 years as a mechanical engineer and the last 6 years i work with all kind of computers. Till 11/98 i worked as a system engineer for very old computers like PDP's and single build computers. Nowadays am i a NT System engineer. This combination of previous jobs and the electronic and mechanical knowledge help me much when building robots.

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My projects

Update date Subject Status Description
09 May 1998 BathesVore Finished My SolarDiver.
15 Jan. 1998 Z-Walker mk I Finished My first walker.
15 Jan. 1998 Z-Walker mk II Stopped An improved walker design.
18 Jan. 1998 Z-Walker mk III Finished A walker used as test platform.
08 Aug. 1999 Building guide for Z-Walker mk III Finished How to build a Z-Walker mk III.
15 Jan. 1998 Photon Closed My attempt to build a photovore.
20 Jan. 1998 Photon mk II Finished A solarroller becoming a photovore.
15 Jan. 1998 Z-Bridge Finished The Zoelen bridge motor driver.

Adopted site(s)

Sitename Description
Andrew Miller's walker The grandfather of most BEAM walkers

Tools for download

Program Filename Size Description
EasyTrax 2.06 easytrax.zip 496Kb A free PCB design program for DOS
Schedit schema.zip 488Kb A schematic drawing program for DOS
Genghism genghism.zip 50Kb Show different walking gaits
TTL Types TTLTypes.txt 4Kb A Short Tutorial on TTL Chip Types 74xy
Engineering Power Tools eptools18.zip 788Kb Description
Digital circuit creator/simulator lokon24.zip 1.24Mb Description
Calculator for electronics and electrical electron.zip 133Kb Description
OPAMP Schmitt triger Calculator opsmtrig.zip 54Kb Description
RC/LC time Calculator rclctime.zip 41Kb Description
Easy neural networks easynn20.zip 1.01Mb Description
Neural networks FAQ neur_net.zip 193Kb FAQ from the AI newsgroup
Digital Logic analyser dlav12a.zip 669Kb Description

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