The MicroCore

Well this is Denfinatly the Most asked for Information.....

"How Do I Make A Walker????"
I wish I had an easy answer for that one. The fact is It's impossible to teach someone all the imperical knowledge and skill base that goes into a BEAM  walker. But in the following section I will attemp to descibe the MicroCore and its implementation as a 4 legged walker.The MicroCore Basic Nervous Net Circuit that is involved in The majority of BEAM Biomorphic walkers. Take Note, this is by no means all the Info that is possible but it should get you started. I've tried to make it as straight forward as possible.
This Technology is for Personal Experimentation Only!
Any Comercial Applications Require A Royalty To Be Arranged
With The Patent Holder
Mark W. Tilden
Or Lawyers will chew on your
butt for lunch.....

1What is a Nervous Network
Some other interesting thoughts on Nv Nets Here

2The Basic Circuit or for the true info hounds The Patent

3 What to do with the circuit

4 Leg Mechanics

5 The MicroCore/Legs Interface

6 Convergence or the suble art of falling over