Magical combat in its purest form.

A piece of the gameboard

It took me nearly three years to finalize this board game, but here it is. You are a mage that has to duel one or more other mages in an arena. The battle is fought with your bare hands. Only a sneaky stab with a dagger is possible. While waving and pointing you make your gestures that builds up a spell. And with you final gesture the spell is called forth and released. Dark powers lure in the corner and mystical creatures howl when they are summoned. That's the way how wizards fight....

The rules

Wizards in HTML

Wizards in html

The files can be send on request and you can make the game yourself
or you can order a pre-made set
The complete game consist of one gameboard, 120 cards, 54 counters and a manual. All can be ordered directly by e-mail.

I have two versions available:
De-luxe version for US$35,- or Hfl.80,-
High quality card prints, thick material and a plastified gameboard.
Ccounters, printed manual and spellbook

A low-cost version for US$15,- or Hfl.35,-
720 DPI inkjet card prints, normal paper and a plastified gameboard.
Counters, printed manual and spellbook

Shipping cost not included and depends on the location.

More information at wizards@vsim.freeservers.com.

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