Z - K I T E

A cheap and easy to build kite for kids.

This kite is specialy designed for kids to make. To do so the kite has to be simple and easy to construct. Also the kite must have a good flight atributes.

1 sheet of paper A4 [297x210mm]
3 Thick drinking straws [e.g. milkshake straws]
Sewing wire

Fold the paper and unfold the sheet again as in picture 1. Next fold one corner to the middle and then fold the next corner as shown in picture 2. Unfold the sheet and cut the paper in half, see picuture 3.

Use some cellotape to attach the two piece together again as shown in picture 4. Now it probaly the best time to decorate the kite. Add an extra piece of cellotape at the keel to strenghten it or the wire will cut through it.

Now attach one straw on each wingside of the kite. This can also be done with cellotape. Attach the third straw at the back of the kite in the same manner. Use a toothpick to make a little hole in the keel to attach the wire to. (picture 4 and 5)

This kite needs a tail. That's no problem because what's a kids kite without a tail? Cut three strips of about 2 cm width from a newspaper and glue the piece together as a long tail. Attach the tail with cellotape to the kite (picture 5). And finished is your master piece.

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Updated: 22 April 1999