A - S T R O N G E R - T E T R A H E D R O N

Looks like many piramids stacked on top of each other.

A very good site to build a tetrahedron kite from straws can be found here
PS, if this link isn't working anymore then please let me know.

remark : The picture on the right is from the Web. Author unknow.

A drawback of this kite is that it is very fragile. To improve it i have made some adjustments.

I used normal paper and not tissue paper. This add about 10 gram to the total weight of the kite but the kite will be quiet stronger because of it.

Make the straws stronger with bamboo stick. Take a few bamboo sticks that are use to BBQ meat and split them into thinner pieces. Place such a piece inside each straw of the kite after to kite has been build and secure the stick with glue.

These tips will make your kite strong enough to withstand stronger winds. You probaly need to attach a long tail to it to make it more stable because the kite tends to tip over and start to dive.

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