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Author : A.A. van Zoelen

Remark : My first attempt to write a short story in English.


I t was late that night. Late for her. Dripping of sweat from under her plastic raincoat she stood in the rain. The plastic raincoat had no more use then just being a piece of clothing. She was sweating a lot because the had to run for while. Now she was standing still and shivering of the cold. "It would have been a better idea as i had put on some other clothing before i has left the house", she thought. But it was to late now and beside that she didn't had a choice.

H er boyfriend was at home. He laid in bed and was looking fixed to the ceiling. The situation was critical. She didn't know what happened but she couldn't get in contact with him anymore. She was hoping that it wasn't to late. Hunted she looked around. "Good!", she wasn't being followed. It had took a lot of effort to find the right stuff what she was looking for. The was only one store nearby that had what she needed. It was delicate stuff. It had to be kept in the freezer to keep it safe. She almost panicked in the store when she run through her pockets for money. But she had forgotten it. She decided to steal the stuff. She grabbed it from the freezer and stuffed it in a pocket in the inside of her coat. She almost screamed. The difference in temperature of her overheated naked body and the cold metal bottle was extreme. She managed to hold her breath. Shivering and shaking she left the store. While she pulled the door behind her she could hear someone calling her, "Dirty junky!". She thought she was caught and started to run. And that's why she was standing in a dark ally, listening if she has been followed. With a sigh she started to breath again. Nobody followed her. Quickly she went home and entered the house. She dropped the plastic raincoat to the side and rushed upstairs. Her boyfriend was still laying motionless in bed, staring at the ceiling.

"Y ou may move know!", she said to him with a dominant voice. And her boyfriend relaxed a bit. "I have the whipped cream now. I was forgotten it this morning!", she said.

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Updated: 16 Nov. 2000