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Red Brambo is my first attempt to write a 3D game. This game is situated in the time frame of WWI. You are the pilot of Triplane pilot. The game is fully featured and not crippled in any way. Just download and start playing.

The game needs DirectX 7.0 to run. Other minimal requirements are:

Windows 95 or above
200 Mhz or more
16 Mb or more RAM

Force Feedback joystick

1.01 08 June 2000

Added terrain control switches in the config panel.
Terrain can now be made more rough and larger if your system allows it.
Larger switches patches in the config panel.
ON/OFF switching now works like a real switch. This caused problems on faster machines.
Now marked all the clickable part in the config. screen.
HELP pages extended
Initial view mode now set to cockpit view as default.
Improved enemy piloting skills.

1.00 05 June 2000
First release

Click here to download Red Brambo. [1.26 MB]

I've decided to release the code for Red Brambo as open source.
This means that anyone can add to the code or change it. There are two things that i ask in return for it. That's one, give me credits as creator of the original code. Secondly, send me all your updates and changes so i can maintain a site for it at one place. That's all i ask.

The bitmaps part 1 [500 Kb]
The bitmaps part 2 [ 40 Kb]
The sounds [340 Kb]
All other files [80 Kb]
If you like to know more about this game then please contact me by email.

Have fun.

A.A. van Zoelen / RedBrambo@vsim.freeservers.com
Updated: 21 March 2001