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Remember those cubes with pictures on each side. If you turn then all into the right position you see the whole picture. This game let you do the same. Only if you finish a picture things will come alive. You can place any AVI or MPG movie on each side of the cubes.

The game needs DirectX 7.0 to run. Other minimal requirements are:

Windows 95 or above
200 Mhz or more
16 Mb or more RAM

1.0 First release 21 Sept. 2000

Click here to download Cubes. [520 Kb]

If you don't have six movie files then you can download the movie pack below.

Movie pack theme : PokeMon
Movie pack 1 contains 2 movie files and one music file. [440 Kb]
Movie pack 2 contains 2 movie files [330 Kb]
Movie pack 3 contains 2 movie files [345 Kb]

[Sorry, my provider doesn't allow files larger then 530 Kb ! ]
If you like to know more about this game then please contact me by email.

Have fun.

A.A. van Zoelen / Cubes@vsim.freeservers.com
Updated: 21 Sept. 2000